Training Module

The Online Video Training Module (OVTM) is intended to offer an efficient training solution for EU judges and judicial professionals in the field of private enforcement of EU competition law.

Presentation of the JustCompetition Platform and the OVTM

The OVTM reflects an online solution that integrates a rich curriculum in an inexpensive format that reproduces the advantages of a presential seminar.The OVTM is based on the recordings of two real-time training seminars and one conference and follows a comprehensive curriculum.



  • Video training sessions
  • Incorporated smart animations
  • Incorporated infographics
  • Downloadable and online-view ready presentations
  • Developed in English with subtitles in English, Romanian, German and French
  • Downloadable materials, legislative texts and case law

    To select subtitles please click on the CC button available in the box of each video material.

    To download the materials of each session please visit the download and useful links sections of the platform. To download the video materials please use the link provided in the box of each video material to reach the platform that hosts the sessions and use the download button available there.

    The module has been developed with subtitles in English, German, French and Romanian (please read the note bellow). If you want to develop new translations in other official EU languages or you want to assist us in improving current translations (including developing translations where they are not available) please contact us using the details provided at this page. We can provide to any organisation willing to further develop the module`s characteristics for their own national judges the English transcripts of the video materials with incorporated time codes.

    Note: All the video recordings of the module have subtitles in English and more than a half have subtitles in Romanian, French and German. The JustCompetition team is open to collaborations with other interested parties that can assist in developing new translations for the module`s subtitles. In addition, we also invite the members of the target group, as well as other stakeholders, to send us their feedback. The module is a pilot project that we aim to improve and further develop.

    The ninth session of the training module follows a short exchange of remarks between Liam McKechnie, Diana Ungureanu and Adam Scott on alternative dispute resolution and collective redress.

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    The tenth part of the training module is delivered by Diana Ungureanu. Focusing on a case study, she provides a recapitulation of the main aspects that underpin the private enforcement of EU competition law.

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    The first case study of the training module. Dr. Adam Scott discusses the case of the Notul airport of the imaginary EU country Norland.

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    The second case study of the training module. Dr. Adam Scott discusses the milk case involving the imaginary EU member states Norland and Sudland.

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