PART X: Lessons from teaching the Damages Directive - Case study


The tenth part of the training module is delivered by Diana Ungureanu. Focusing on a case study, she provides a recapitulation of the main aspects that underpin the private enforcement of EU competition law.

The presentation touches upon the following topics:

  • Public enforcement
  • Private enforcement
  • The Charter of fundamental rights
  • Effect of national decisions
  • The presumption of harm
  • Limitation period
  • Table of contents

    Video Materials

    Lessons from teaching the Damages Directive - Case study - Diana Ungureanu

    Speaker Presentation

    Case study information

    Smart Animation

    Smart Animation - Effects of national decisions

    Smart Animation - Limitation periods

    Smart Animation - Quantification of Damages


    Infographic – Court of Justice case/ Kone

    Infographic – Court of Justice case/ Otis & Others (2012)

    Infographic – Public and private enforcement of competition law

    Relevant Materials

    Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

    Article 101

    Article 102

    Court of justice case: Otis & Others (2012)

    Court of justice case: Kone (2014)

    European Competition Network (ECN)

    Cooperation between the Commission and national courts


    Transcript - Part X - Lessons