PART VII: Managing a Claim in Court


The seventh part of the online video training deals with the process of managing a damages action in court. Liam McKechnie reviews all the aspects that underpin the work of a judge in such a case and highlights the main challenges and difficulties that need to be taken in consideration.

The presentation touches upon the following topics:


  • Admission as a competition case
  • Pleadings
  • Models of trial
  • Time limits
  • Hearings and submissions
  • Interaction with the European Commission, National Competition Authorities and other courts
  • The European Competition Network

    Table of contents 


    Video Materials

    Managing a damages case – Liam McKechnie

    Speaker presentation

    Smart Animations

    Smart Animation - Managing a Damages case


    Infographic – European Competition Network


    Relevant Materials

    1968 Brussels Convention

    Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2003

    The Rome Regulation I  

    The Rome Regulation II

    Brussels Regulation (recast) 1215/2012

    Article 101

    Article 102

    Damages Directive


    Transcript - Part VII - Managing a claim