PART VI: The Claim


The sixth part of the online video training module deals with the main characteristics of a claim in a private enforcement case.

The presentation touches upon the following topics:


  • Development of Private
  • Enforcement of EU Competition law
  • Essential decisions of the Court of Justice
  • The effects of the Damages Directive
  • The nature and actions of a claimant
  • Collective Redress Mechanisms

    Table of contents


    Video Materials

    Introductory Remarks – Liam McKechnie

    The Claim – Liam McKechnie

    Speaker presentation


    Smart Animations

    Smart Animation - Joint and several liability

    Smart Animation - Passing on of overcharges


    Infographic – Court of Justice case/ Courage v. Crehan (2001)


    Infographic – Court of Justice case/Manfredi (2006)


    Infographic – Court of Justice case/Pfleiderer (2011)


    Infographic – Court of Justice case/ Otis & Others (2012)

    Infographic – Court of Justice case/Donau Chemie (2013)


    Infographic – Court of Justice case/Kone (2014)

    Infographic – Recommendation on collective redress

    Relevant Materials

    Court of Justice Case: BRT v. Sabam (1974) 

    Court of Justice Case: Courage v. Crehan (2001)

    Court of Justice Case: Manfredi (2006)

    Court of Justice Case: Pfleiderer (2011)

    Court of Justice Case:  Otis & Others (2012)

    Court of Justice Case: Donau Chemie (2013)

    Court of Justice Case: Kone (2014)

    Ashurst Report (2004)

    Green Paper (2005)

    White Paper (2008)

    Communication on Quantifying Harm (2013)

    Recommendation on Collective Redress (2013)

    Damages Directive (2014)

    Article 101

    Article 102


    Transcript - Part VI - The Claim - A

    Transcript - Part VI - The Claim - B