PART III: Introductory session - Basic principles and main themes; the national scene


The third introductory session of the training module. Dr. Adam Scott discusses the basic principles of the Damages Directives and presents the national aspects in this context.

The presentation touches upon the following topics:


  • Basic principles of the Directive
  • Communication of quantifying damages
  • National courts
  • Right to full compensation
  • Effectiveness and equivalence
  • Proportionality

    Table of contents

    Video materials

    Speaker presentation

    Smart Animations

    Smart Animation - the Damages Directive

    Smart Animation - Effects of national decisions

    Smart Animation - Full Compensation v. Overcompensation

    Smart Animation - Quantification of Damages



    Infographic – Private and public enforcement of competition law

    Infographic – Quantifying harm in actions for damages

    Relevant materials

    Damages Directive

    Article 101

    Article 102



    Regulation 1/2003

    Communication on quantifying damages

    Practical Guide


    Transcript - Part III - Introduction