Video recordings of the second training seminar (Bucharest)

The second training seminar of the "Online training tool for European Judges on private enforcement of EU competition law” project took place in Bucharest, February 04-05, 2016.

The seminar was the last from a series of two events that were organised as a basis for the development of an online video training module on private enforcement of competition law. To this end, the sessions of the seminar were filmed and the recordings will be incorporated in the module.

For whom?

The seminar was dedicated to EU judges and prosecutors, as well as to apprentice national judges, and the staff of the judges’ offices or of national courts.

On what?

The seminar was focused on the following issues:

  • Introductory session on what the Directive seeks to achieve and on some of its Features, William McKECHNIE. Full presentation here.
  • Evidence: on what topics; presumption of harm/Managing evidence including disclosure counterfactuals/Experts, Diana UNGUREANU. Full presentation here.
  • Quantification of damages caused by infringement: passing on/Effects of being a leniency applicant/Contribution, Adam SCOTT. Full presentation here.
  • Completing a case: consensual dispute resolution/Collective actions and settlements/Judgments, enforcement and informing the Commission/Costs 

Who was there?

The speakers were reputed legal experts:

  • Adam SCOTT, founding member of the Competition Commission Appeal Tribunals, Director of Studies
  • Liam McKECHNIE, a Justice of the Supreme Court of Ireland
  • Diana UNGUREANU, trainer for judges on commercial law and competition law, National Institute of Magistracy, judge at Court of Appeal Pitești, Romania.

Dr. Adam Scott, The Association of European Competition Law Judges, Bucharest (II), from EURACTIV Romania on YouTube.


Mr Justice William McKechnie, Judge of the Supreme Court of Ireland, Bucharest, from EURACTUV România on YouTube.


PhD Judge DIana Ungureanu, National Institute of Magistracy, Romania - training seminar in Bucharest from EURACTIV România on YouTube.


The project is implemented by the European Actors Association (EURACTIV Romania), Fondation EurActiv; supporting partners: The Association of European Competition Law Judges (AECLJ) and the National Institute for Magistracy (Romania).

The initiative is funded by the European Commission, DG Competition, through the Civil Justice Programme.