Damages Directive

Damages Directive - Online Training - Closing conference (17 May, Bucharest)

On the 17th of May, EurActiv Romania organized the final conference of the ”Online Training Tool for European Judges on Private Enforcement of EU Competition Law” project.

On this occasion the European Directive on Damages Actions was again explained and discussed by experts and judges from the Member States of the European Union.  

The event was part of the ”Online Training Tools for European Judges on Private Enforcement of EU Competition Law” project – the first programme of its sort developed in Romania which aims at creating an online video training module on private enforcement of competition law for the judges of all EU Member States. The programme is addressed to European judges and prosecutors, as well as to the legal staff of national courts and tribunals.

The conference benefited from the participation of:

  • Valentin MIRCEA, State Secretary, the Head of the Control Body of the Prime Minister (Romania)
  • Nelu CIOBANU, Prosecutor, Deputy Director, National Institute of the Magistracy (Romania)
  • Adam SCOTT, Founding Member of the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (United Kingdom)
  • Diana UNGUREANU, Judge at Court of Appeal Pitesti (Romania)
  • Andrei SCHWARTZ, Development Manager, EurActiv Romania (Romania) 


During the event the beta version of the first part of the online video training module was showcased.

The module will contain video recordings based on two training seminars specially organised for this project, in Brussels (19-20 November 2015) and Bucharest (4-5 February 2016), transcripts of the presentations, training materials, smart animations and infographics.


The organisers aim to gather feedback from specialists active in this field and the representatives of the target group (judges, prosecutors, and the legal staff of national courts).

The project team aims to implement the feedback received during the event in order to improve the module. The final version of the module will be launched on justcompetition.eu at the end of this summer.

The initiative is financed by the European Union, DG Competition, it is implemented by the European Actors Association (EurActiv Romania) in partnership with Foundation EurActiv (BE), and it benefits from the support of the Association of European Competition Law Judges (AECLJ) and the National Institute of the Magistracy (RO).

The draft agenda of the event is available here

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