This section host the video recording articles of the two project seminars, the pot-event text of the project`s final conference, as well as the permanent online meetings of the project.

A new instrument of interaction and communication - Online meeting

The online meeting is a tool developed for the project`s target group, whereby using the commentary sections of two special articles judges can interact with each other. Access to the commentary sections is provided only to the target group of the project and is restricted to those who have registered an account. 

Just Competition has opened two permanent online meetings: one on the practical nature of private enforcement and one on the principle of full compensation. 

If you are part of the target group, i.e. national judges dealing with competition cases at national level, including prosecutors, apprentice national judges and the legal staff of the judges’ offices or of national courts from EU Member States, or legal scholars or a legal experts in the EU, and you want to set up a new permanent online meeting on another topic related to EU competition law please contact us using the details provided at this page.